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Michelle Carlson

Lead Trainer and Sports Nutrition Coach, Post-Rehabilitation, Behaviour Change Coach, Metabolic Health Specialist, 

My goal is to help clients achieve their greatest ambitions and aspire to be a better version of themselves each and every day. I am energetic, understanding, and personable. I can't wait to see how our team can help you! 

The Team

We are PROUD to serve YOU! 

Ryan Malo

National Bodybuilding Coach, Platform Creator

If you're dedicated, willing to sacrifice for your goal, and you don't believe in just being "ordinary", this is the guy for you. He's helped SO many competitive athletes achieve their goals and reach their highest potential on stage. Are you ready to achieve your goals? 

Why We Got Started 

As the creator of Pheonixway Fitness & Nutrition, I realized the need to help and serve others and have a passion to assist individuals in need. Coming from a different background I learned multiple ways of improving service to clients and realized that fitness is mind, body and soul.  In the industry there were a lot of clients that fell off the grid and did not receive the support they needed to succeed-even after making an investment in a professional. 

"I am making it my mission to help clients in a way that is appropriate and meaningful for them, and setting our clients up for the most success possible by being there every step of the way in all ranges of support needs. This includes training clients in a warm community setting with individualized programming that will help them succeed and more importantly feel confident in their workouts and life in general." 

-Michelle Carlson, CEO-

I wanted to create a business that was based around excellent client care and a holistic style of personal training different than most services out there. I am in this thing to serve YOU and help you live a healthier life and experience less pain and more quality of life! 

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