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Book Your Consultation Today! 

What can you expect for the consultation? 

•Be sure to bring comfortable clothes that you can move in

•Assess the questionnaire/ask questions 

•Blood pressure taken on site 

•Movement screens (checking your range of motion)

•Flexibility tests 

•Discovery/understanding of findings 

•Creating our roadmap for your success 

•You decide if we are the right fit for YOU! 

**Consultation is 100% free (unless there is a cancellation within 24 hours) and NO obligation! There is NO pressure to join. This is YOUR journey.**

Waiting for your appointment? Why not start by taking our questionnaire so that we can get to understand your goals a bit better? 

**Note** The system will ask for credit card information to prevent no-shows, however this information is not used unless cancellations occur within the 24 hour period. Exemptions may be made at our discretion. If we deem it necessary, a $5.00 fee may be charged to your card. Otherwise, there will be no charges made. 

Book your consult by selecting "Initial Complimentary Assessment" 

 Book your current client session by selecting "Personal Training Session", then select "Current Client Booking" 

Book a new single session by selecting "Personal Training Session" 

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