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End Bodyshaming

Michelle Carlson, CPT, CPPC, PN1, ZIN, GGS-1, GGS-P, CEO

In 2014 I quit smoking, and after having my daughter I decided to go on a journey of health and loving myself. My body had changed (which is totally NORMAL!!) and I FELT it. Since then, I have been building up to where I am now, but it hasn't always been that easy. Along the way, I've experienced (as a woman) far too much body shaming in this day and age for my comfort. My goal is to help other women and men no longer feel shame over the goals they are trying to achieve, and to build a STRONG and EMPOWERING support system for those individuals. 

Here are some examples of comments I dealt with as my own journey progressed...

It seemed like the comments would never end-but then something magical happened...

After a while I realized that what I was doing wasn't the problem-it was my MINDSET. It was letting the thoughts of others overwhelm my own goal.

I got into bodybuilding because it made me feel good, healthy, and powerful. It helped me mentally. Being diagnosed with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) in 2018, I am not unfamiliar with all that is anxiety. Growing up, I ended up with a lot of trauma, sexual abuse, and alcoholism in my life. I was bullied, and I started losing my hair after the stress of all the comments and things people said to me built up. Then it got even worse. My peers would ask, "If I rubbed your eyebrows would you even have any left??", "Would you draw them differently each day, like make yourself look super excited or something?". They would refer to me as "different" and "weird". I learned quickly that I would have to separate myself going into high school. The gym helped me conquer so many more mental demons than I ever even thought possible myself, and so I continued...for years after--despite what everyone said.... I wanted autonomy and control over my body in a way that I never did previously. 

After having a child and not having certain supports around- I had fallen out of love with my body. I wanted to feel DIFFERENT! 

It doesn't matter what goal you have-you deserve to be able to enjoy the journey and the PROCESS! 

For anyone that is battling any inner demons right now, I applaud you. If you are looking for someone to help you through a fitness challenge or even just coaching you through your personal wellness journey-lets get started. There is no better opportunity than today! 

We'll see you soon!! 

Coach Michelle 

Are you wanting to be part of a non-judgemental space that focuses primarily on lifting other women up? Look no further! I have a FREE women's group that currently has over 180 members. What more support could you ask for, especially if you are a mom that is looking for fitness/health advice and might be on a tighter budget right now- I am a fellow momma-I know how it is!!! 

Let's get you started with one toe in!! Click the link below to join the FREE Unfiltered Fitness women's only group!! 

Bodyshaming doesn't just happen to one "type" of person. It happens everywhere, everyday. You never know what battles a person is going through, or how many times they have picked themselves back up. Let's leave the shame in the past, and focus on our POWER. 

Here I am at MULTIPLE different stages of my life. I was never any LESS WORTHY in ANY of them! 

Merchandise Available! 

*Note* 18+ and G-Rated options BOTH available 

Looking for something more family friendly? Let us know how we can modify this for you! 


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