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Frequently Asked Questions 

We have a lot of questions come our way. Here's some most commonly asked questions about Pheonixway Fitness:& Nutrition

Q: Do I get to keep the program that you give me once I am done my sessions/online training package?

A: Yes. What you buy is a personalized program that is specialized to your body, and your body's movement capabilities. What works for you and your imbalances doesn't always work for another, which is what makes our programming unique. You have access to your password for your file in our system, and you will always have your program. 

Q: What if I purchase sessions and we go into another lockdown? 

A: You do not lose access to your sessions EVEN if we are unable to deliver the services, they are simply paused and you continue when. you are next able. 

Q: What happens during the consultation? 

A: Whether you are having an online consultation or an in=person consultation, you go through the same process as all of our clients. The consultation is designed to show us the most pertinent issues that may arise during your training according to your movement capabilities. We do a series of movement screens, blood pressure readings, and we go over our questionnaire that is sent to each client. This allows us to address any health history or workout history issues and determine your underlying goals, and your needs in order to make it happen!! The consultation is 100% FREE, and NO obligation. We pride ourselves on allowing our clients to choose confidently WITHOUT pressure. If we are not for you, no problem! 

Q: How long does 12 sessions last? 

A: In general, 12 sessions generally last one month. This is at a session use of around 2-3 sessions per week. We generally do not advise to spread the sessions out more than that because we cannot guarantee results. Typically, we are meant to have 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week, and we like to use our time with you to know that you are getting your minimum amount of exercise in per week. Your sessions will each have valid expiry according to your package and contract! 

Q: Do you have discounts? 

A: Absolutely. We currently have discounts for seniors, military, students, and front-line workers and a NEW Imperial Oil Discount! ! 

Q: What if I buy sessions and then switch to online once my sessions are complete?

A: Excellent question! When individuals feel confident enough to pursue an online program, we switch you to a new program and put you on an online subscription starting at $125/month for support and app access! 

Q: Why don't you have a testimonials page, or why don't I see your clients all over your social media? Have any of your clients seen results?? 

A: Yes. For a lot of clients, making changes can be hard. There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about clients and their success-and the most important one is respect. Not every client's journey looks the same. For some, seeing "unrealistic" images of weight loss can be hard and harsh if they have been unable to see the same progress. It's not just about the client in the picture, it's about the viewers of the photo as well. There are already so many photos of "perfect" bodies on social media...why do we need to add to this? Our client's privacy is the most important thing to us. We have had hundreds of clients see success and lose their desired goal weight-but we greatly focus on mindset and really stepping outside of the comparison trap and focusing on more sustainable habits. 

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