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Our Services

Here is a list of our current​ ONLINE s​ervices. 

Online Training 

We offer comprehensive online training that allows you to complete your workouts independently guided by our platform from any device! There are a few bundles to choose from depending on what you are looking for. Book your video consultation/phone call today! 


You will be coached and guided in a holistic style towards your nutritional goals-big or small-no matter what nutritional level you may currently be. This service can be bundled or it can be provided stand-alone. 

Women's Specialist


Women may choose this option if they are uncomfortable with a male trainer, or they are seeking advice for women-specific topics and advice for things such as: 

  • Eating Disorder 

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse 

  • Pre and Postpartum exercise 

  • Transgender 

  • PCOS

  • General Nutrition 

  • At-home Exercise 

Are you a woman who has tried just about everything under the sun? Tired of the mainstream fads? The detoxes? This program is perfect for you! Let's get you started, sister!

On Demand Classes 

We are providing online on-demand style video classes for individuals that prefer a one-on-one experience and who may be missing the community of their gym classes. These are streamed through Zoom, and will include the following: 

  • Booty Buster Class 

  • HIIT Class 

  • Zumba Class 

  • Core Class 

  • Hypertrophy Class

We also occasionally offer LIVE trainings on our platforms following a schedule ​posted. If you wish to join these classes, register at

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Unsure of where to start or if we are the right team for you? Book your no obligation consultation today, and we can help! 

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